Dionis Goat Milk Hand Cream Set


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Udderly delightful.

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Because goat milk naturally contains vitamins and minerals to nourish and help retain skin moisture, this fragrant set of rich hand creams conditions and nourishes your skin without leaving a greasy residue. Perfect to keep by your kitchen sink, in your purse or desk drawer, or even as part of that next gift bag for a friend. Included in the set are five calming fragrances: Milk & Honey, Lavender Blossom, Blood Orange, Water Flower & Sea Salt, and Vanilla Bean.

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  1. A. Scott
    Oct 13, 2021

    I keep these hand lotions within reach at all times! In my purse, in my desk drawer, in my kitchen, my car... you name it, I've got a stash somewhere nearby. I love these lotions so much. They are very hydrating and smell fantastic. Lavender is probably my favorite of the scents.