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The easy fill spice mill.

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Ortwo is a pepper mill that combines the convenience of one-handed spice grinding, with the extra speed, ease, and an unmatched output of two. Ortwo’s custom designed, ultra-sharp ceramic grinder is fully adjustable with multiple settings from super fine to coarse. The ceramic grinding mechanism is made from quality alumina ceramic so it won’t corrode or rust and is perfect for all spices.

Beth Says

How many times have you sat down to a meal only to discover your pepper grinder is empty.  (It’s not your fault, really, unless you have x-ray vision). Your only choices are to try and refill the grinder one peppercorn at a time (at which point your diners have fainted from hunger) or you make a Hail Mary move and just dump the whole jar hoping that a larger percentage end up in the grinder than on the floor. Forget that nonsense.  This revolutionary one-handed grinder has an easy to fill container and even comes with an extra jar and lid, so your grinder is always ready for service.-Beth Price, Director of e-Commerce

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