Eclipse Porcelain Round Plates


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Mod plates your guests will swear you stole from the Guggenheim.

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These Eclipse 10″ round plates have an elegant wavy rim combined with smooth circles and ellipses add an element of creativity to any table setting. Made of high-fired porcelain for exceptional durability, this collection offers a little sophistication for a stunning and inviting table setting for years to come. The porcelain is resistant to scratches from knives and forks and is also oven, microwave, and dishwasher safe. Set of four plates.

You eat with your eyes first.

So you need to have a sophisticated blank canvas for your food, right? These plates will showcase your artwork just perfectly.  Everything from that comforting everyday meatloaf and mashed potatoes supper to that dinner party-worthy seared salmon will shine on these elegant plates.

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  1. Sandra Moreau
    Aug 10, 2021

    To serve on these plates, I would make cakes from scratch!