Fat Separator and Measuring Cup


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It’s all gravy.

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We slather it on our turkey dinners, make pools in fluffy mashed potatoes, and use it to freshen up leftovers. It’s gravy. If you’re roasting a turkey (and even if you’re not), homemade gravy is a logical and delicious next step. Of course, to make the right gravy, you need the right tools. Traditional separators can be messy to use, or a huge pain to clean. Some people just cool the broth until the fat rises to the top and then skim it off with a spoon. But this eats up your kitchen time, and leaves globs of fat and grease to invade your gravy or sauce. But Bellemain’s premium fat separator is made for professional kitchens. It is specifically designed to help you get the most out of your stock.

David Says
“It sounds like some medieval contraption for separating a bird from its padding, doesn’t it? It’s actually an ingenious tool I use every time I make gravy for turkey, chicken, roast beef, ham, and lamb. You simply pour the juices and fat that collected in the bottom of your roasting pan into the separator. Then let it all sit for a few minutes while the fat, which is lighter than the cooking juices, floats to the top. A spout in the bottom allows you to pour out just the juices while leaving the fat behind.”-Beth Price, Director of e-Commerce

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