Floral Oven Mitt


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Flour power.

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This oven mitt featuring a field of flowers was designed by Nathalie Lete in collaboration with Anthropologie. Once a member of Mathias et Nathalie, a duo renowned for their cardboard paintings and expressionist sculptures, French art and designer Nathalie Lete now works as a solo artist, creating paintings, ceramics, textiles, jewelry, books, and toys centered on themes of fantasy, humor and childhood memories.

Some things just make you smile.

And this colorful oven mitt is surely one of those things.  Some other things that make us smile? A sweet pan of homemade blondies comes to mind, as does an any-day-of-the-week sheet cake. No special occasion needed. Baked just because they make you smile.

Squares of blondies with chocolate chips on parchment paper on a marble slab

A whole carrot sheet cake on a wire rack with chai cream cheese frosting being spread over the top.

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