French Bull Melamine Serving Platter


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Serving food has never been so fun.

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Their motto is ‘Life Vivid!’ and boy does that show in their colorful melamine products! French Bull expresses the vividness in all of us,  and its fiercely fun products are sure to liven up any outdoor gathering. This 19-inch ziggy-patterned platter is perfect for everyday dining, but boy does it shine for entertaining the best of friends, neighbors and family! No matter what is on the menu, your food will look beautiful indoor and al fresco, guaranteed.

So what is on the menu?

Maybe you are going casual and classic with a plate of Sticky Pork Ribs? Well if that is the case, you’ll also need some Crème Fraîche Potato Salad to go with those ribs, and a perhaps a platter of Mozzarella with Roasted Stone Fruit. Time to dig in!

Sticky pork ribs cut into individual ribs on a piece of parchment with a knife.

A beige bowl filled with creme fraiche potato salad.

A white oval platter topped with fresh mozzarella with roasted stone fruit and toasted bread pieces.

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