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Boy is this a-peel-ing.

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Gourmet Easy’s classic straight swivel peeler is made with 100% stainless steel and designed to take pressure off your hand and wrist. The razor-sharp blade is made to peel toward or away from you. It makes quick work of peeling smaller produce and there’s no need to worry about hand washing because the I Peeler is dishwasher safe. Plus, its modern design is an attractive addition to any bar top.

Potatoes and carrots and parsnips, oh my!

And speaking of vegetables that might need peeling, some of our favorite root vegetable dishes include Roasted Root Vegetables with Marcona Almonds, these unique Root Vegetable Latkes, and a crunchy plate of Root Vegetable Chips. Now get peeling!

A white plate topped with roasted root vegetables and Marcona almonds.

A root vegetable latke topped with a dollop of applesauce.

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