Graccioza Bella Bath Towel


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A luxurious Alentejan wrap.

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When David and The One traveled through the Alentejo, the great swath of country south of Lisbon, they stayed in a renovated manor house. These plush towels were waiting when they arrived. They are extremely soft towels, produced with the finest cotton in Portugal. Soft for the touch and skin. Sophisticated and extremely smooth, with rounded corners and double sewing.

Searching for the perfect way to end a stressful work week?

We’ve got the perfect idea: a long lazy bubble bath plus a relaxing glass of bubbly or even homemade sparkling juice . Bubbles plus bubbles is a win-win situation.

Three Champagne cocktails with a Champagne cork an a plate of sugar cubes beside the drinks.

Two flutes filled with homemade sparkling juice topped with lemon twists on a marble surface.

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