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A kitchen scale worth the weight.

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This scale combines high accuracy with minimal design: it looks great on your counter, stores away easily, and tells you what you need to know to make better meals, whether you’re trying to count macros or perfect your signature cookie recipe. The straightforward design focused around the essentials makes it easy to quickly weigh the ingredients you use every day. Four precision weighing sensors ensure accuracy within 1 gram (or 0.1 ounce). Other great features are the high-contrast LCD screen, auto-shut off, and automatic calibration.

You’ve heard it before but we’ll say it again. Baking is all about precision.

That said, whether you are a novice or professional, no baker should be without a trusty kitchen scale.  Your next buttery apple pie, tender loaf of bread, or celebratory cake deserves it.

A grid of four apple pie recipes, including apple tart, two apple pies, and apple hand tarts.

Rosemary-garlic sourdough bread studded with garlic and rosemary leaves on a plate

A spiced sweet potato bundt cake on a piece of parchment, being drizzled with chocolate glaze.

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