Heat Resistant Oven Gloves


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Gloves that prevent asbestos hands.

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Made with Nomex heat and flame resistant fiber and level 4 Kevlar cut-resistant fiber, these gloves can withstand extreme heat. Features a 100% heat resistant fiber with 100% cotton liner and double heat resistant silicone coating on both glove shell and liner, finger and palm.  Great for oven gloves, grill gloves, BBQ gloves, and any heat surface handling.

For grillmasters and bakemasters alike.

These gloves are the perfect accessory for when you are thinking of firing up that outdoor grill for a sizzling steak, or simply pondering that next batch of perfectly baked brownies.

Images of 4 of the 16 grilled steak recipes -- grilled porterhouse steak, Korean style steak, steak chimichurri, and cowboy steak with coffee rub.

A tray of brownies for a crowd with one brownie missing.

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