Individual Tart Rings


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Because sometimes you just want your dessert all to yourself.

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This set of individual tart molds are perfect for the professional baker and home baker alike. Made of stainless steel, each durable mold is helpful in making small tarts, crumpets, doughnuts, or muffins. And that’s not all! You can also use them for molding and creating small cakes, individual mousses and even stacked desserts.

What is your favorite tart recipe?

Some of our favorites are our easy Mini Jam Tarts, picture perfect Apple Rose Tarts, and a springtime favorite, the Raspberry Pecan Tart.  All of these fabulous recipes are written for either a muffin tin or a large tart pan, but what better time to experiment with your new individual tart rings so that your dinner guests have a tart all their own.

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