Ingenio Removable Handle


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Pop on. Pop off.

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Simple. Versatile. Ingenious. Tefal’s patented Ingenio Removable Handle is designed to attach and detach to Ingenio cookware and can hold up to 10kg of weight. With its one-click technology this unique concept allows you to easily transport hot or cold vessels from the stove, oven or fridge right to the table or countertop.

It really is as simple as that.

So when your Dutch Baby is ready to come out of the warm oven, or your Broccolini and Potato Frittata is ready to be transferred into the hot oven, simply grab that Ingenio and be on your merry way.

Cast-iron skillet with a Dutch baby--a popover pancake--topped with powder sugar on a set breakfast table

Cast iron skillet of broccolini and potato frittata, with a wedge on a metal spatula

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