Ironwood Gourmet Napoli Pizza Peel


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A baking peel (to keep you a socially safe distance from your oven).

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This pizza peel is perfect for spaces that rely on quality products where image and presentation matter. Ironwood Gourmet, the original acacia wood company, has been the standard of quality for acacia wood since its beginning. Ironwood’s premium acacia wood is sourced responsibly from small, family farmers and hand-crafted in Thailand, not China. Slanted edge allows for easy scooping up and sliding off of the pizza. Unlike competitors, this boards use no coatings, varnish, polyurethane, lacquer or shellacs, just raw wood thinly coated in food grade mineral oil to keep your food safe.

Channel your inner Italian.

Pizza peels are an essential tool when it comes to mastering Neapolitan-style pizza at home.  They make scooping, sliding and serving you creation as easy as pie. Pizza pie that is.

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  1. Laundra Ijames
    Dec 17, 2021