Jasper Hill Farm – Just Add Bubbles Gift Box


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Bubbly not included.

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You provide the bubbly and Jasper Hill Farm will provide the picnic! (And what a gourmet picnic it will be.) Included in your gift box are 3 of their most popular creamy, dreamy cheeses, truffle popcorn, salt-flecked sourdough flatbread crackers, and a sweet birch syrup for drizzling. A cozy night in with your loved ones never tasted so good.

And now that your favorite bottle of bubbly is open and fizzing away…

May we suggest a few sparkling cocktails to get your celebration started? Some of our favorite bubbly beverages include this Italian-inspired Prosecco and Aperol Cocktail and a classic Champagne Cocktail. Cheers!

Prosecco being added to a Prosecco and Aperol cocktail, with two partially filled glasses behind it.

Three Champagne cocktails with a Champagne cork an a plate of sugar cubes beside the drinks.

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