Joseph Joseph Folio Cutting Board Set


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A perfectly stored board.

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This stunning design features a slimline, stainless-steel case that keeps four large chopping boards beautifully organized and makes a real statement on the kitchen counter. Each color-coded board has a knife-friendly, textured cutting surface on both sides and non-slip feet. They can be easily removed from the case due to the smart angled design and stainless-steel selecting bars. The case holds each board neatly apart, allowing air to circulate, and features a fingerprint-proof coating to make cleaning easy and non-slip feet on the base. Available in a range of premium colors.

Is kitchen organization on the top of your to-do list?

Well this is a great place to start. No more fumbling through drawers to find your trusty cutting boards. These statement pieces are stacked and ready to be put to work. Try them out on one of these sensational salads or when you prep a flavorful stir fry.

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