Kids Beach Toy Set


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A pail and shovel set for the mini-me set.

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Whether you’re building a sandcastle or digging for hidden treasure, this children’s beach toy set is a must-have for your little adventurers. Eco-friendly and fun for the whole family, made from unbleached compostable bamboo and bio-plastic, with a hemp rope handle.

Thirsty from all that digging?

We’re tired just thinking about it. Time for you and the little ones to recharge with a summertime classic. We invite you to try one of our fun lemonade varieties– we have sweet watermelon, classic lemony lemon, and an adult favorite with raspberries and trusty tequila.

Four glasses partially filled with watermelon lemonade and topped with ice cubes.

A glass bottle filled with homemade lemonade syrup, a bowl of lemons, and two glasses on a wooden table.

A glass of raspberry lemonade with tequila garnished with a mint sprig.

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