Kids Cooking and Baking Set


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Unleash your child’s inner Iron Chef.

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Does your little culinary explorer like taking your utensils and pretending to cook? Does your little chef like watching you cook dinner? Is your tiny cook curious about all the baking tools and accessories? If so, surprise your kids with their own all-inclusive cooking and baking kit. The Tovla Jr. 17-Piece Baking & Cooking Kit includes a portable reusable tool box for storage, 4 recipe cards for kids, stylish unisex apron, measuring cups & measuring spoons, kitchen timer, pair of tongs, rolling pin, 3 nylon knives, spoon, spatula, whisk, 3 cookie cutters and a cutting board. By spending more quality time with your kids in the kitchen, you will be able to help inspire healthy eating habits, help your children understand the responsibility of cooking dinner every single day, and allow them to unleash their culinary creativity.

Once you have your kit, now all you need are kid-friendly recipes!

Well no problem there. We’ve got you covered with some popular Kids’ Table Recipes—not to mention some kid tested, mother approved recipes like a Peanut Butter and Jelly Smoothie, Breaded Fish Fillets, and Chocolate Chip Brownies.

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