Le Creuset Enameled Cast Iron Tatin Dish


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A dessert so good it will make your tart melt.

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We can just hear it now. The faint sound of ‘La Vie En Rose’ in the background, heard through he jovial humming of locals laughing and conversing over an impromptu lunch at the corner café in Paris. And on the table you ask? A shared bowl of moules frites, a crusty baguette, and of course, an open bottle of vin rouge. To finish off the leisurely lunch the hurried waiter drops a warm dish of a classic Tarte Tatin covered in half melted vanilla ice cream. That, in a nutshell, is la vie en Paris. (At least through our whimsical rose colored glasses.)

Tarte tatins aren’t just for apples, no sir.

They work beautifully with a crisp apple, yes. But also a divine dessert when made with pears or even fresh figs. Just don’t skimp on the vanilla ice cream.

A white bowl filled with French vanilla ice cream with a blue spoon resting beside.

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