Le Creuset L’Amour Collection Mini Cocotte

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The way to everyone’s heart is through their stomach.

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This mini Dutch oven is simply adorable. And heart-warming (pun intended). From the fine folks at Le Creuset, this mini cocotte features an artisanal hand-applied heart applique on a classic white background, and is crafted from premium stoneware to ensure food is cooked to perfection. So whatever you choose to make, we’re thinking breakfast in bed sounds like the perfect way to start your Valentine’s Day.

Surprise your loved one with sweet or savory treats baked in the L’Amour Mini Cocotte.

And what treats do we suggest, you ask? Well, we think it is just the perfect size for a lovingly made individual pot pie, cobbler or gratin.

A mini homemade chicken pot pie with a flaky crust, chunks of white meat chicken, and peas

Warm Fruit Cobbler


A white gratin dish filled with cheesy broccoli and topped with toasted breadcrumbs

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