Le Creuset Multi Bowl


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A multitasking multi bowl.

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The Le Creuset Multi Bowl comes in a variety of sizes to handle any kitchen task, from prep and mixing to serving and sharing. The bowls are designed to nestle inside each other for easy storage. Crafted from premium stoneware in our irresistible colors, each piece in our tableware collection is finished with a vibrant glaze which is easy to clean, dishwasher-safe, and resistant to chips, scratches and stains. Designed to stay beautiful with daily use, Le Creuset’s dinnerware and serveware will bring elegant style to every table and occasion.

So many uses, so little time.

But seriously, what can’t this bowl be used for? We think it is just perfect for whipping up a batch of sweet Chocolate Whipped Cream, serving up your favorite Butternut Squash Soup, or maybe even for secretly diving into a bowl of homemade Strawberry Ice Cream when no one is looking.

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