Le Creuset Round Dutch Oven with Gold Knob


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No gilded lily here, just a perfect pot.

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The iconic Le Creuset Dutch Oven is indispensable in the kitchens of home cooks and professional chefs alike. Long recognized for its strength and durability, cast iron is the prime material for slow-cooking, braising and roasting, thanks to its ability to maintain even and consistent heat. The enameled interior needs no seasoning, and it’s suitable for both stovetop and oven use. Le Creuset produced the first enameled cast iron cookware nearly a century ago, and the original foundry still operates today, where 15 skilled artisans hand-inspect each piece.

Who knew a dutch oven could be so glamorous?

Well if it is a Le Creuset dutch oven, we aren’t too surprised, are you? This staple pot is good for everything from your favorite Chicken Coconut Noodle Soup, to a hearty Sunday Braised Pork With Red Wine, and even a comforting pot of baked beans. Oh the possibilities.

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