Libbey Margarita Glasses


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But first, margaritas.

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This set of 12 Libbey margarita glasses is sure to keep everything flowing steady – from the delicious margaritas themselves, to the sweet and spicy conversation, and the memories that are sure to follow.  These classic glasses make a perfect wedding or housewarming gift; and boy are they are they a must for bachelorette parties!

If life gives you limes, make margaritas.

So grab that blender or cocktail shaker are try some of our favorite margarita recipes: a spicy Chile-Spiked Margarita, a refreshing Margarita Granita, or maybe this Ultimate Margarita is more your speed.

A chile-spiked margarita on a linen cocktail napkin with a lime wedge on the side and a whole green chile in the drink.

A glass filled with margarita granita, topped with a lime sprig and a spoon resting in the glass.

Three glasses of ultimate margarita with lime wedges.

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