Madhava Light Agave Nectar


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Nectar of the gods.

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Madhava 100% Organic Blue Agave Nectar is a pantry must-have. Although the company started making honey in the 1970’s, they have made room for other clean and simple organic foods like light blue agave nectar. Their agave is grown and harvested in partnership with non-GMO and organic blue agave farmers, who share their values of doing good for people and the earth. Agave nectar is lower on the glycemic index than most other sweeteners, and is a simple alternative to processed sugar and artificial sweeteners.

Get your sweet on.

Agave nectar is perfect, just perfect, for your next batch of Ultimate Margaritas which is a lovely addition to any Taco Tuesday.

Three glasses of ultimate margarita with lime wedges.

Three wild salmon tacos on a plate with lime halves.

A black platter with several grilled chicken tacos with fruit salsa, a few cherry tomatoes, and a wooden board with cut chicken, halved plums, and queso fresco.

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