Marble Utensil Crock


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Solid as a rock.

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Elegant to the core. This gorgeous white and gray utensil holder is made of natural marble that has been polished, giving it a smooth, matte finish. Guaranteed to add a splash of instant glamour to your kitchen countertop!

A fabulously elegant kitchen deserves fabulously elegant dishes, n’est-ce pas?

We’ll start with some of our favorite small bites, Cheddar-Chive Gougeres which would perfect with a chilled glass of Chablis. Then onto the salad course with this unforgettable Walnut, Fennel, and Pomegranate Salad which would be just perfect alongside a Beef Tenderloin with Madeira Sauce. And don’t forget dessert! Grab that pie server and some elegant plates, you’ll need it for this Flourless Chocolate Cloud Cake. Bon appétit.

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