Masala Dabba


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Yabba dabba doo.

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Designed by Tiipoi’s industrial designer Andre Pereira in their studio in London, the Diaspora x Tiipoi Masala Dabba are made in Tiipoi’s workshop in Bangalore by craftsman Venkatesh Chinnappa aka Venky ‘Anna’ (which translates to older brother in nearly all of the South Indian languages ) Venky has been spinning metal for over 25 years and now Tiipoi’s metal products since they began. This craft is at the heart of so many of Tiipoi’s collections. Each brass dabba comes filled with Diaspora’s signature glass jars of: 2.47oz Pragati Turmeric, 2.29oz Guntur Sannam Chilli Powder, 2.29oz Aranya Pepper, 1.23oz Nandini Coriander, 1.94oz Nagauri Cumin, 1.76oz Baraka Cardamom, 2.82oz Kandhamal Black Mustard.

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