Rooster Toothpick Holder


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One very happy rooster.

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The Barcelos Rooster, Portugal’s mascot, is recognized around the world as a symbol of happiness and hospitality. Be a beacon of joy at your next family dinner with these hand-painted metal toothpicks perfect for cheese, olives, chouriço, you name it. This aluminum rooster is hand-painted and therefore no two roosters are identical and patterns vary.

A unique gift that will certainly make for a happy host.

And what will that happy host be serving? Most likely a traditional Portuguese Green Olive Dip or plate of Shrimp Turnovers to start.

A bowl with creamy green olive dip behind five slices of baguette with dip on one

A platter of rissois de Camarao--or Portuguese shrimp turnovers--with one turnover cut open resting on top

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