Microplane Classic Zester Grater


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A very pithy grater.

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These high-performance graters, which feature the company’s iconic long and narrow, rasp-style design that originated in a woodshop, are expertly crafted with surgical grade stainless steel blades with razor-sharp edges that effortlessly cut through hard and soft foods without tearing or shredding. The zester/grater is perfect for zesting citrus, grating hard cheeses and ginger.

Looking to add zest to your cooking repertoire?

Well look no further.  A touch of citrus zest magically perks up everything from your favorite muffin batter, to your next seasonal pie filling.  But don’t be fooled that this tool is a one-trick pony. It also doubles as a grater for that last minute dusting of cheese on your spaghetti and meatballs, or for that much-needed dash of nutmeg on your Holiday egg nog.  The possibilities are endless.

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