Mueller Austria Ultra Stick Immersion Blender


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It’s time to mix things up.

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How much do we love this immersion blender? Let us count the ways. For one, it is versatile. It can help you make everything from smoothies, whipped cream, pureed veggies, homemade nut butter and even soups. It is also affordable, easy to clean, and compact. Truly a kitchen essential that you will be reaching for each and every day.

Go on. Give it a whirl.

Your new immersion blender will be just perfect for mixing your next batch of Buttermilk Pancake batter, a creamy dreamy Blueberry Pie Milkshake, or a warm pot of one of our favorites, Spicy Tomato Blue Cheese Soup.

A stack of buttermilk pancakes on a white plate with a pat of butter on top and syrup running down the sides.

A tall glass filled with blueberry pie milkshake, topped with a piece of pie crust.

Glass bowl with spicy tomato blue cheese soup on a tray with a hunk of cheese and a spoon

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