O California Vinegar Set


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The pantry staples every kitchen needs.

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Talk about a pantry staple. You will be reaching for your O California Vinegars just as much as you do your favorite olive oils and flaky sea salts. This pack of four includes Citrus Champagne: a fresh and bright-tasting vinegar with a twist of lemon, Pomegranate Vinegar: a sweet and tart vinegar with a ripe and juicy fruit flavor, Champagne Vinegar: a classic crisp and light vinegar with floral aroma and a delicate finish, and a White Balsamic Vinegar: lightly sweet with notes of pear and almond.

Vinegar: it’s not just for salads anymore.

You can do such amazing things with vinegar. For example, have you ever tried a Vinegar Pie Crust? Or does a lively side dish of Roast Zucchini with Vinegar sound appealing? We know you are intrigued by this savory Vinegar-Glossed Chicken. Now grab that vinegar and get cooking!

Two vinegar pie crusts in pie pan

A white plate filled with slices of roasted zucchini, olive oil, dark roasted cloves of garlic, and mint.

Chicken pieces in a sauce of vinegar, garlic, rosemary in a white plate, knife and fork on the side

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