Rastelli’s – Cold Cracked Maine Lobster


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Don’t forget the melted butter.

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Lobster. Perhaps no seafood is more revered. Just hearing the word makes our mouths water for the sweet, buttery flavor that is inherent in each and every bite. And even better, Rastelli’s has done the hard part for you with their Cold Cracked Maine Lobster. Low in fat and high in health Omega-3 fatty acids, this succulent claw and knuckle meat is cold-processed and blast-frozen so it’s ready to cook and enjoy.

This lobster is sure to become your Maine squeeze.

Prized for its rich flavor and succulent texture, Maine lobster served with drawn butter is just about as decadent as decadent gets. But if you are looking up the ante this Valentine’s Day, try tossing the cracked lobster into a spicy Lobster Fra Diavolo or serve it Lobster Roll-style on a toasted hot dog bun or buttery baguette.

An oval plate topped with lobster fra diavolo and a spoon resting on the side.

A lobster roll in a cardboard sleeve with a little lettuce and a lemon wedge in the background.

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