Rastelli’s Private Stock Lamb Rib Chops


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For over forty years, Rastelli’s has become more than just a butcher shop. This New Jersey-based, family business has grown into a premium network of sourcing partners, while at the same time becoming a pioneer in food safety and distribution. They run their business with four main values in mind: sustainability, quality, trust and partnership. Rastelli’s only pairs themselves with farmers and fishermen who practice the highest levels of sustainable sourcing, and they carry out their butchering and processing in a state-of-the-art facility. All of the unique standards that they uphold directly translate over to their unmatchable selection of high quality meats and seafood.

We love the versatility and flavor of a lamb chop, but Rastelli’s Private Stock Lamb Rib Chops really up the ante.  Raised on the Rastelli’s founder, Ray’s backyard farm, the lamb eat a 100% grass diet, and never get antibiotics, steroids or added hormones.  The result? A tender, juicy and flavorful lamb chop that is also loaded with healthy Omega-3s.

Lamb chops deserve all of the praise that they receive.

And so do these one-of-a-kind recipes for simple Grilled Lamb ChopsLamb Chops with Cilantro and Mint Sauce, and a unique Moroccan Spice Rub that would pair really well with your chops.

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