Riedel Punk Highball Glasses


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Glassware with a serious attitude.

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Breaking away from classic design rules, PUNK stands out from the crowd. The series uses literal translations of key punk visuals, such as studs and spikes, to design a tactile range of barware products. Playing off punk’s distinctive and attention-seeking nature to break out of the traditional interpretation of glass homewares, the PUNK series doesn’t rely on nostalgia to add impact to every table.

Perfect for the cool dude with the ‘tude.

Or cool gal for that matter.  Either way, those Manhattans, Cucumber Gimlets, and Sidecar Cocktails aren’t going to serve themselves.

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  1. Judith Peres
    Oct 09, 2021

    Stunning! Why am I thinking of Harrison For's pad in "Bladerunner?"

  2. Mary Little
    Oct 09, 2021


  3. Sandra Moreau
    Aug 10, 2021

    Can't punk it up enough!

  4. Sophia Rodriguez
    Dec 29, 2020

    Nice thick, heavy duty, and cool!