Shallow White Porcelain Bowls


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These bowls are just souper.

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Your next bowl of piping hot, homemade soup is just begging to be served in one of these elegant porcelain bowls. Designed to be both scratch and chip resistant, these wide-mouthed bowls have an edge that allows you to keep from spilling the soup, all the while providing a perfect lip to hold the warm bowl. Not only are they great for soup, but these shallow bowls also work well with rice, chili, pasta, salads, stews and gumbos. Versatile indeed!

Now that we have soups and stews on the brain…

We just must recommend some of our favorites to you and your Family. How does a vibrantly colored Summer Borscht sound? Or maybe a classic Seafood Gumbo is more your style. No, you strike us as a hearty Beef Chili kind of person.

A small bowl of lemon wedges and two white bowls of deep purple summer borscht with a dollop or sour cream and sprinkling of chives in each.

Seafood gumbo in a two-handled bowl on a piece of wood.

White bowl of beef chili with grated cheese, tortilla chips, and lime wedges on wood

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