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Not just for ice cream anymore.

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We all know how indispensable these scoops are for cookies and ice cream, but we love to use ours for perfectly portioned melon balls, meatballs, cupcakes, muffins and more. Made of high quality, food-grade stainless steel, its ergonomic trigger makes this scoop easy as pie to use.

Searching for just the sweet treats to break in your new scoop?

You’ve come to the right place. Are you in the mood for some Gluten-Free Apple Pie Muffins? Or perhaps it is a Chocolate Orange Cupcake kind of day. Why not both!

Three gluten-free apple pie muffins on a wooden chopping blocking with parchment paper and white bowls in the background.

Five chocolate orange cupcakes with swirls of chocolate frosting on top.


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