Spice Drawer Liner


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It’s time to spice up those kitchen cabinets.

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Keeps all your spices in one convenient location so you can see them all in a glance. Soft, non-slip spice drawer liners keep any size bottle in place. The 10′ roll of liner lets you fully customize the length to fit your exact drawer size. It’s as easy as measuring drawers with the included measuring tape and cutting the liner down to size with scissors. And it’s not just for spices – use SpiceLiner to organize cans and jars, baking utensils and more, all in your drawer!

It’s like Spring cleaning for your drawers.

And with this level of kitchen organization, you can easily find the ingredients you need make your favorite hearty chili, spice-rubbed chicken, or even that decadent homestyle Molasses Spice Cake.

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