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The Staybowlizer allows you to mix, whisk and whip with one hand while keeping the other hand free to add ingredients. This indispensable device is a welcome replacement for ineffective damp towels under skidding mixing bowls. Staybowlizer can cradle any size bowl, is heat resistant up to 500°, and protects your countertops from hot bowls. You can even use it a double boiler! Simply place it on top of exiting sauce pan and the Staybowlizer will hold a top heat resistant bowl securely in place. A muli-tasking kitchen gadget—what’s there not to love?

We can all use an extra pair of hands in the kitchen.

Especially in a mix, whisk and whip situation. Which you might find yourself in if you are in the mood to to mix up a bowl of Banana Bread Muffin batter, whisk a bowl of frothy egg whites into a silky smooth meringue, or whip up some luxurious Sweet Whipped Ricotta Cream.

Three banana bread muffins stacked on top of each other with chai whipped cream on top and more muffins on a plate in the background.

Meringue on a whisk, as illustration of the difference between French, Italian, and Swiss meringues.

A bowl of sweet whipped ricotta cream, a halved lemon, two vanilla beans, a knife, and a small glass on a marble surface.

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