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We are all familiar with a traditional balloon whisk and its uses, but let us introduce you to a flat whisk. Sort of a half whisk-half spatula hybrid whose benefits are astounding. The flat whisks’ long edge makes it easier to scrape the bottom of a shallow pan, which comes in handy when you are deglazing a pan, making a sauce, or even scrambling up some eggs. It also a great tool for lifting poached eggs out of water, beating eggs, and gently folding ingredients. All of that and a flat whisk easy to clean and because of its shape, takes up less room in your kitchen drawer! A true win-win.

And speaking of making sauces, deglazing, and poaching eggs…

Your new Sur La Table flat whisk is sure to come in handy with these three tried-and-true recipes: Easy Béchamel SaucePorcini Beef Ragu, and Easy Eggs Florentine. Don’t just take our word for it, check them out ASAP!

A stainless steel pot, filled with steaming, bubbling easy béchamel sauce with a large spoon and a whisk.

A plate of porcini beef ragu

A white bowl with a easy eggs Florentine--a poached egg on top of a bed of cooked spinach

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