Sweejar 3.5-Quart Baking Dish


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The ultimate comfort dish.

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This colorful (and did we mention versatile?) baking dish is a must. It is the perfect size for your next lasagna, casserole or baked egg dish. Equipped with a double handle design for easy food transport from the oven to the table, this 3.5-quart baking dish is made of durable porcelain, so it is also easy to clean. Choose from yellow, red, jade, turquoise, or navy; or heck, get a few in different colors and start a charming collection!

And speaking of comfort food…

Here are a few of our favorites that your new dish will be just perfect for: a hearty Spicy Mushroom Lasagna, everyone’s favorite Classic Green Bean Casserole, and this weekend favorite: Broccolini and Potato Frittata.

A round dish filled with spicy mushroom lasagna and a serving on a plate beside it.

A classic green bean casserole with mushrooms and topped with fried onion rings in a cast-iron skillet.

Cast iron skillet of broccolini and potato frittata, with a wedge on a metal spatula

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