The French Pantry 3-Piece Sheet Pan Set


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A sheet pan set for the baking set.

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This three-piece baking set is as robust as it is simple. From bacon in the oven to hand-rolled peppermint or that secret family recipe cookie, these pieces are designed to provide consistent, reliable performance for years to come.

Heavy gauge aluminum means that your prize recipe heats (or cools) evenly every time. The rolled rim will prevent warping no matter how you load the pan or how many times you change the temperature.

The silicone mat can take extremes of heat and cold so that you can move from freezer to oven and back again without worry.

This fully welded cooling rack does a lot more than cool. It is the perfect choice for broiling meat, glazing or dusting all manner of cakes and confections as well as holding breaded items waiting to be fried. In a pinch, it makes a fantastic way to dice boiled eggs quickly, or to dry those remaining few glasses from last night’s party!

Three pieces are always better than one.

No kitchen should be without a rimmed baking sheet (for that fancy Genoise cake perhaps), silicone mat (hello chocolate chip cookies), or cooling rack (cool it on down scones.)

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