The Handy Mix Scraper™


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You might want to scrape together your pennies for this one.

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Whether you’re whisking cream or kneading dough, the Handy Mix Scraper detects which attachment you’re using and automatically recalibrates to the perfect speed. The rubber Scraper Beater maximizes contact with the bowl while minimizing sound, to ensure you incorporate all ingredients for more thorough mixing. A detachable storage compartment houses all the attachments and swivel cord so you’ll love this mixer even when it’s turned off and an ergonomic handle creates a natural hand position so mixing never feels like a chore.

Such a handy little device.

And we’ve got the perfect recipe for you to give this mixer a spin. A drippy, glazed Espresso Cake.

An espresso cake drizzled with glaze on a wire rack that is set on a pice of parchment to catch any glaze drips.

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