Thomas Keller Insignia 6-Quart Rondeau


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A match made in Napa Valley heaven.

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What do you get when you combine high-performance, stainless steel cookware from Hestan Culinary with the inspiration of legendary chef Thomas Keller? A chef-designed, 5-star line of quality craftmanship for your kitchen, that’s what.

Thomas Keller’s tri-ply clad Insignia Stainless Steel 6-Quart Rondeau is perfectly sized for French cassoulets, risottos, braised meat dishes, and even hearty stews. Featuring Hestan’s exclusive ProCore™ aluminum which delivers 35% greater heat conductivity than other stainless-steel cookware, the rondeau shape has an increased cooking surface for greater flavor building and a more even heat distribution. The pan is 100% dishwasher safe while purposeful engineering accommodates a wide range of culinary needs including oven and broil safe to 600°F.

Here’s the perfect pair of memorable dishes to break in your new rondeau.

A classic French Cassoulet of White Beans, Sausage, and Duck and a unique Citrus Risotto with Garlic-Chile Prawns. Now all you need is a glass of your favorite Napa Valley wine to pay homage.

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