USA Pan Half Sheet Pan Set


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You bake the world a butter place.

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USA Pan is a family owned company based in Pittsburgh, PA that has been producing high performance bakeware for over 50 years.  This versatile set of 2 half sheet pans are the perfect size for baking cookies, homemade rolls, French fries and even roasting vegetables.  Built with performance features that commercial and home bakers both enjoy, you’ll be reaching for these pans on a daily basis. We guarantee it.

Baking on the brain?

We’ve got just the recipes to give your new half sheet pans a test run. Everyone’s favorite chocolate chip cookies for one, but how about trying your hand at these Classic Dinner Rolls for your next Sunday supper.

Two ultimate chocolate chip cookies, AKA New York chocolate chip cookies on a wire rack

Tray of classic dinner rolls glazed with butter, bowl of melted butter with a brush


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