Vermont Wagyu – The Special Celebration Gift Box


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A good steak fixes everything.

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From the hills of Vermont overlooking the Connecticut River, Vermont Wagyu produces some of the best beef in the world by pushing the boundary on taste through restorative agricultural management, low-stress handling practices, and data-focused breeding of Wagyu (Japanese Black Cattle).

This Special Celebration box is just that; a unique combination of one-of-a-kind specialty products that includes 2 Vermont Wagyu steaks (1 ribeye and 1 strip steak), a jar of Vermont quince-ginger-lime chutney, and a package of Clothbound Jasper Hill cheddar cheese.

Because a special celebration deserves a special gift box like this one.

And to add to your celebration, how about a set of gorgeous Vietri Foglia Cheese Plates, a few Schott Zwiesel Air Stemless White Wine Glasses, or a Scalloped Copper Champagne Bucket for that next bottle of jovial bubbly.

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