World Spice – Black Truffle Salt


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Definitely worth its weight in salt.

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With its umami-rich, earthy flavor profile, we nominate World Spice Merchant’s Black Truffle Salt into the pantry hall of fame. Sometimes called “The Diamond of the Kitchen”, truffles are as notoriously expensive as they are highly prized. Selezione Tarufi blends the finest Italian-mined salt with dehydrated black summer truffles to create a sublime finishing salt. This 10% truffle salt will take everything from egg dishes, sautéed vegetables, pasta and popcorn from good to gourmet with just a pinch. A little bit of this fine-grain salt goes a long way!

Okay, now we have mushrooms on the brain.

And some of our favorite ways to showcase that which is fungi are this decadent Tournedos Rossini ~ Medallions of Beef with Foie Gras and Truffles, or this simple Italian-inspired dish of Soft Polenta with Forest Mushrooms.

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