Yakatori Charcoal Grill


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Simply un-grill-ievable.

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Did you know that yakitori is the Japanese word for ‘grilled chicken on skewers?’ You’re welcome. Well now that we are up to speed, this Fire Sense lightweight, charcoal Yakatori grill offers crave worthy street food-style grilled meats right in the comfort of your backyard.

It’s time to get fired up.

Whether you are craving grilled chicken, grilled pork, or even grilled scallops, having your very own Yakatori Grill on your back porch or patio is sure to make the neighbors jealous.

6 grilled chicken skewers piled on a wooden cutting board and sprinkled with slices of red onion and cilantro.

Four grilled pork skewers on a white plate with a bowl of lemon wedges and dried oregano beside the skewers.

Grilled scallops are threaded on rosemary skewers and sitting on a bed of tomato chutney

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