About Agatha Kulaga | Erin Patinkin

Agatha spent over a decade working in restaurants before pursuing a career in psychology, but never stopped scheming about food: she experimented with novel flavor combinations, started a supper club and acted as the personal pastry chef for her friends. She is grateful every day for the opportunity to grow Ovenly, which is rooted in her childhood love of Eastern European treats. @agathakulaga

Erin Patinkin spent her early years in Chicago, where she developed an obsession for Vienna Beef hot dogs (ketchup is sacrilege), Big League Chew and PBS cooking shows. At a young age, she saw past the Midwestern horrors of microwavable meals and fat-free cheese and relished the flavorful Polish and Austrian dishes her grandparents taught her to love like matzo balls and poppy seed roll. @erinpatinkin

Several slices of black bottom pecan pie next to a full black bottom pecan pie with a few forks scattered around.

Black Bottom Pecan Pie

Ovenly’s chocolate-enhanced rendition of a classic is a revelation with its melding of several different tempting dessert elements in a single incarnation.

A person cutting a slice from a loaf of whole wheat banana bread on a white cutting board.

Whole-Wheat Banana Bread

Folks are waxing poetic about this banana bread. Full of flaxseed and maple syrup, it’s nutritious and just indulgent enough.

Pieces of spicy bacon caramel corn on a baking sheet.

Spicy Bacon Caramel Corn

Addictive. That’s what we’re hearing about this smoky, salty, spicy, sweetly little enticing number that goes alarmingly well with beer.