About Alice Waters

Alice Waters is the visionary executive chef and owner of the Chez Panisse restaurant in Berkeley, CA. She’s also the vice president of Slow Food International and the founder of the Edible Schoolyard, a program that aims to build a national edible education for pre-kindergarten through high school. Waters has received three James Beard Awards and authored a dozen books, including her most recent title, My Pantry. She lives in Berkeley, CA. @alicelouisewaters

Three pieces of bread topped with fava bean puree.

Fava Bean Puree

Few things say spring like the brilliant green of a fava bean. Here, a little help on how to harness these harbingers of warm weather.

Four bowls of salt and sugar pickles; one with watermelon, one with red radish, one with cucumber, and one with daikon radish.

Salt and Sugar Pickles

These quick pickles–quickles!–aren’t at all like the ones your grandma put up each year. They’re better.