About Amy Traverso

Amy Traverso

Whether you’re looking for an apple to give to your child’s teacher or trying to discern the right one for pie, you can’t go wrong with Amy Traverso’s award- winning The Apple Lover’s Cookbook. You may have seen Traverso on Throwdown with Bobby FlayThe Martha Stewart Show, or Gordon Ramsay’s Kitchen Nightmares. Or perhaps you’ve read her writing in the Boston Globe, Salon.com, or Travel & Leisure, or seen her most recent book, Yankee’s Lost and Vintage Recipes, which was published by the editors of Yankee Magazine, where she is currently the senior lifestyle editor. @amytraverso

Several sweet potato and apple latkes on a paper towel with a bowl of applesauce in the background.

Sweet Potato and Apple Latkes

These lovely latkes are crisp without, creamy within, and sweet throughout. Entirely appropriate for Hanukkah as well as a random Tuesday night…

An apple tea cake on a wire rack with three slices cut from it and one on a blue and white plate.

Apple Tea Cake

Not as dense or as sweet as a pound cake, this lovely tea cake is rich and buttery and subtly infused with layers of apple and cinnamon with a tart lemon drizzle as a finishing flourish.