About Andrea Slonecker

Andrea Slonecker

Andrea Slonecker is a food writer, recipe developer, and cooking teacher based in Portland, OR. She’s most interested in foods with cultural significance and enjoys traveling in search of people carrying on native food traditions. Pretzel Making at Home is her first cookbook. @andreaslonecker

Soft pretzels of assorted shapes and sizes on a wooden surface.

Soft Pretzels

Authentic German-style soft pretzels with dark and burnished crusts, yeasty and chewy centers, and, natch the irresistible crunch of coarse salt.

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Pan of 11 mini hot dogs wrapped in pretzel dough topped with poppy seeds, knife and mustard nearby

Pigs in Pretzel Blankets

What to make next time you throw a have-folks-over-to-crowd-in-front-of-the-game-on-the-flat-screen party.

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