About Andrew Swallow

Andrew Swallow

Andrew Swallow is the co-founder and executive chef of Mixt Greens, a salad-focused fast casual restaurant chain based in Washington, D.C. He debuted his first cookbook, Mixt Salads, in 2010.  Swallow is a graduate of the Culinary Institute of America and has spent more than 13 years in the restaurant industry working positions in both the front of house and back of house. @mixtsalads

A salad of butter lettuce with maytag blue cheese on a brown plate.

Butter Lettuce With Maytag Blue Cheese

Forget that wedge of iceberg beneath a glob of bottled blue cheese dressing. This lovely little salad is creamy yet sharp, rich yet acidic, classic yet blissfully unconventional.

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Haricots Verts with Frisee and Bacon

Haricots Verts with Frisée and Bacon

An inventive riff on plain old greens, this inspired salad juxtaposes a sassy sherry vinaigrette with crisp green beans, tender cipollini, and—mmmm—bacon. Our kinda salad.

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Tangerine and Beet Salad

Tangerine and Beet Salad

Offer up this tangerine and beet salad recipe–all bright and sunny yellow–in the middle of a dismal winter day, and you’ll be hailed as a kitchen hero, nay, savior.

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